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Project Summary

Many great ideas for relevant and responsive research projects simply don’t see the light of day for lack of time, opportunity, or resources to conduct them.  This risk is especially salient for research aligned with poverty reduction.  Project INCUBATE (INternational Collaboration Between Universities By Aligning Their Expertise) is designed to share ideas for research on poverty reduction. 

Project INCUBATE is a research commons in which ideas for research are locally sourced and globally distributed.  The focus of the effort is designed to serve anti-poverty, pro-prosperity researchers, practitioners and policy-makers; poverty reduction is defined as the enablement of human capability through health, education, and decent work.

Each project idea is coded either green, orange or red, meaning fully underway, underway but seeking advice and input, or subject to confidentiality.  Graduate students, scholars, policy-makers and citizens from all walks of life are invited to scan and contribute to the ongoing list of ideas.

Requirements for Volunteers

Project INCUBATE is currently seeking volunteers to help develop the project and help manage the project as it grows. Volunteers may also help with researching and applying for grants and other avenues of funding.

Degrees required: Masters-level students and above are invited to apply.

Coursework or knowledge: Graduate-level I-O courses and above.

Specific experiences: Some work experience in a low-income setting would be an advantage but is not required.

How to Get Involved

For additional information visit:

Or e-mail the project coordinator at:

Additional Information

INCUBATE aims to help capacitate anti-poverty research globally and locally through interdisciplinary collaboration. Our core principles are: alignment (with community need, values and aspirations), ownership, harmonization, and accountability. We value evidence-based approaches to policy and practices for encouraging decent work.