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Project Summary

The Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology is a coalition of individuals from low- to high-income countries devoted to the field of humanitarian work psychology.  We have explicit goals, we follow a specific set of values, and we work together to promote and engage in humanitarian activities through the practice and study of organizational psychology.  Because of our goals and values, we are a hybrid organization that mixes aspects of a professional association with a non-profit organization devoted to humanitarian work and international development, and the humanitarian treatment of all people in their place(s) of work, whether in low-, middle-, or high-income settings.

Members of our organization work to unify, promote, and support the diverse efforts of our membership and the many others who use organizational psychology for the deliberate and organized enhancement of human welfare.

Our membership includes practitioners, researchers, and students in the field of organizational psychology alongside professionals from other disciplines that utilize the principles, practices, and findings from organizational psychology to enhance human welfare.

Requirements for Volunteers

Full membership: The eligibility for full membership in the organization is limited to those who are working or studying in the area of industrial/organizational/work psychology or a closely related area, or to those who are engaged or planning to engage in HWP and are accredited, enrolled, or associated with an organization/discipline to that end. Students can be full members if they are studying at least at the postgraduate level.

Student membership is available for undergraduate students with an interest in pursuing HWP. Student members may participate in meetings and committees but will not have voting rights in the organization beyond electing the Student Representative.

How to Get Involved

For more information visit our website at

By becoming a member you can join a growing number of professionals and students who are helping to advance the field of humanitarian work psychology. Visit the membership page to apply and start getting involved (

Additional Information

The Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology forums ( is a great place to promote your HWP volunteer and/or paid opportunities. Additionally the forum offers an outlet to join or create discussion topics on a variety of topics related to humanitarian work psychology.