Please read these instructions all the way through and then update your preferences as desired. 

Note: All members must be listed in the Membership Directory but can control what communication methods they would like displayed. Student Affiliates are eligible only for listing in the Membership Directory, not in the other directories/registries, which are reserved for SIOP professional members only.

  • Click "My Account" at top (or, "Sign In" at top, if you are not yet logged in) and then "Manage My Account".
  • On your main User Account page, under "Account Actions," visit:
    • Manage Privacy and Opt In/Out: This is the screen where you will indicate in which directories and/or registries you would like to be listed and which communication methods you would like to have displayed. When finished selecting your preferences, click "Save" at the bottom and then "Return to User Account."
    • Edit Demographic Information: This is the screen where you will provide details about yourself to complete your profile. Some data fields (for instance, gender, ethnicity, birth date) are not published in any directories. Other data fields (employment settings, interest areas, etc.) are published in some but not all directories. Still other data fields are specific to the directory or registry for which they are used. You may wish to visit the Membership Directory and those other directories/registries to which you have opted-in to view the search results so that you know what fields of data are used so as to best complete your profile. Be sure to click "Save" when you make changes!
    • Upload Resume and Biography: Here is where you can upload your resume if you would like to have it be accessible by the public in those registries in which we display resumes. You can also enter your Consultant Bio if you choosing to be listed in Consultant Locator.
    • Edit Name and Employment Info, Edit Addresses, Edit Emails and Phone Numbers: These are the screens on which you can provide your various contact details.

We highly recommend that, after completing your profile, you visit your name as it appears in the search results on the various directories and registries to be sure that your selections have properly saved and that you are happy with how your profile displays.

If you have questions or concerns about SIOP Directories & Registries, please contact us at 419-353-0032 or Thank you for participating!